Kyle Colby

Intro and Philosophy;

As each of us travels through life on a unique trajectory yet, we are inevitably writing our autobiographies as we do so. For my own part, to live authentically and pursue the unknown drives the proverbial pen on the paper in my life. To embody dichotomy and contradiction by embracing all that I find value in; listen to metal, meditate for Zen, dress fly, drive reckless, breath science, love art, live compassion, embrace conflict, remain rational, and lead with fire.

For me, the goal is to get off the beaten path an show the world apart from the 'norm'. For it's there we find the unknown and an experience all its own. When our comfort zone is in the rearview mirror, the human spirit is found in a raw and unkempt form; Wild and Free. The bridge between the human being and the wild and wide world: the adventure, the story behind the image, the piece of the metaphysical puzzle. The internal struggle and the Zen found in my travels. As a photographer and writer, this is the inspiration for my work.

Thus, for me, life is full of adventures, both large and small, and I choose to have as many as possible. Looking to push myself, and my work, into the unknown is a constant. Writing new chapters and plot twists forever adds more to the novel of life. Thus, every opportunity to strap on the pack and wander into the unknown shall be taken with camera in hand and wonder in the heart.

For in the end, we are all just a collection of stories. Make yours worth reading...

- Kyle Colby 


Kyle Colby began his love of photography and travel as a child. Learning from his father on Gradpa's old Olympus 35mm during a family vacation. The absorption of adventure novels, National Geographic's, and trips that followed only added fuel to the ever growing fire. He holds a Bachelors Degree in History from the University of Colorado with a minor in Anthropology.

Kyle peruses the wild and travels as often as he can. Though, when not in the field, he can be found in the do-jang where he's studied martial arts for nearly 25 years. He holds a 4th Dan Black Belt, and teaches the next generation the ways of the ninja. He currently resides in Littleton, Colorado with a crazy dingo.

Active board member and Instructor for the YomChi Taekwon-do Association

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